Our Pastoral Staff


Pastor Chris & Joann Thornton

Lead Pastor
Chris Thornton was born into the humble beginnings of Harvest Church, the congregation he now serves as lead pastor. He attended Jackson Bible College for Music Ministry in Jackson, Mississippi during the late 1980s. He married Joann Hart (1990) and they began their life together here in Lebanon. They served as youth pastors and sectional youth leaders at the start of their ministry. They were elected into pastoral leadership in 1996 and Chris went on to gain ministerial ordination in 1999. In 2002, Chris became lead pastor of Harvest during which time the church has grown from approximately 125 members to well over 350 constituents. Pastor Chris is a respected minister and gifted speaker, involved in conferences across our state and in other areas of the world. He has served in various capacities such as an active member of the  District Board of the Missouri District UPC, a Presbyter caring for churches in the surrounding areas, and President of Missouri Men’s Ministries.

Joann Thornton
The wife of our Lead Pastor, President of Missouri Ladies Ministries, and a visionary, Joann creates an inviting space for everyone to be involved. . From the age of eight, she received a call into the ministry. Joann Thornton is an anointed prayer warrior and lives a separated, committed life of worship. Her hobbies include: walking, biking, swimming, travel, playing games with family, and eating authentic Greek or Mexican food. Chris and his wife, Joann Thornton have three children: Cecilia (Mrs. Robert England), Celine Thornton, and Christopher Thornton.

Bishop Bob & Carolyn Thornton

Founding Pastor
In the 1960’s, the Thornton’s felt a clarion call to launch an Apostolic work in Lebanon, Missouri. Their vision and labor of love began as a small, downtown storefront. Bob and his young family welcomed 13 attendees for the first church service on Easter Sunday, 1965. Bob Thornton has a known reputation of being a church builder, church planter, pastor, and Apostolic preacher. Katy was an integral part of worship, secretarial work, church transportation, teaching, and hosting for many years. Both Bob and Katy are honored today by a thriving congregation for their life investment and love for people from all walks of life. They have built both a family and a church on biblical principles of Christian living, love, and hard work.

David Dimock

Worship Ministry
David Dimock was raised in church singing worship songs with his brother. His mother instilled in them a love for music, instrumentation, and worship from birth. David attended Gateway College of Evangelism majoring in Music and later went on to complete his Bachelor of Science degree in Theology from Liberty University.

In 1997, David married the love of his life, Jennifer, and began leading the Worship Ministry of Harvest. Actively serving on staff since July 2000, David plays an integral role in the daily cares of the church. Jennifer teaches 2nd grade at Maplecrest Elementary and serves in several capacities at Harvest alongside David. The Dimock’s enjoy life with their three sons, Lincoln, Landon, Lucas, and a cat named Boots.

Glory Scott

Office Administrator
A mother of three beautiful kids and wife to Chris Scott. Glory is an example in serving her community and home.
Her husband, Chris, recently began his business "Fat's Tacos", a local food truck and catering start-up. When Glory is not at Harvest you might catch her teaming with her family at a local event serving tacos!
Harvest is blessed with her as a part of the team!

Andrea England

Andrea is an encourager with a heart for service. She enjoys to be around the dinner table with her family sharing a new recipe and catching up or crocheting a beautiful afghan. She has a degree in Accounting and works as a tax accountant at H&R block in Lebanon, MO throughout the week.

Her and her husband Richard, have been members of Harvest for over 20+ years and serve in many areas of ministry. They have three boys: Richie, Robert and Ryan who also attend Harvest.